freelance without fear

get over your fears. leave the cubicle behind. create the freelancing business you love.

You want to freelance but you don't know where to begin.

It's never fun when you're stuck living the cubicle life and you really want to be out there doing your own thing.

You want to create.

You want to use your gifts and talents.

You want to make more money!

You've already got the skills, right? So now all you need is the guidance to help you get started on your freelancing journey. This course was created especially for you!

With this course, you'll learn how to prepare yourself mentally for the life you're going to start living - the freelance life!

If you've already been freelancing for a while, then this course also serves as a way to get back on the horse if you've fallen off and lost your way.

Here's the deal:

I started freelancing out of sheer desperation. I DESPISED the company I worked for (OK, that's pretty strong, but seriously...I DESPISED it) I would tense up on the highway on the way to work. I had people waiting to talk to me outside my office before I even opened the door and had a chance to sip my first taste of coffee. I would leave stressed out and had knots in my shoulders from carrying around the stress. I would then take that stress out on loved ones by being super snappy all the time because I wasn't happy in my work.

One day I realized things had to change. It was then I remembered one of my mentors and his speech to me that I needed to have my own thing.

I decided that it was time to branch out on my own. I had 1 client and NO idea how to actually start my freelancing business. But after much trial and error, mistakes and successes, I got it together and built a successful freelancing business.

Why Freelance Without Fear?

* You want to have a more positive outlook

* You want to learn how to set proper goals

* You want to get organized so you can be productive

* You want to learn how to network effectively (even if you're introverted)

* You want to learn how to get clients

* You want to keep clients coming back

* You want to learn how to set rates

In Freelance Without Fear, you'll get real-talk guidance on how to get over your fears, get more gigs, and live a working lifestyle that you will love.

Who is this course for?

I'm a freelance voice actor by trade, but I created this course for every aspiring freelancer because I know what it's like to just need that starting point to get you headed in the right direction. This course is for creatives from all walks of life. It doesn't matter what your background - photography, voiceover, videography or dog trainer! My goal is to help you gain the confidence you need to start living a life outside the regular 9-to-5.

After this course:

* You'll be able to conquer negative thinking and an unhealthy mindset

* You'll be able to successfully attend a networking event - even if you're introverted

* You'll be able to secure new clients

* You'll learn how to be more productive

* You'll feel empowered knowing you can successfully build a freelancing business!

"Thanks for offering tools that I can use to better myself and my business. Your material has truly been a blessing."

Jessica T., Actor

"A wealth of straightforward, no-nonsense advice and encouragement for freelancers."

scOtt s., Writer/Actor

"I like the homework assignments; they really challenge my thinking. I really appreciate all of your help and encouragement!"

Citicia S., Illustrator




Mental Slapboxing

This first lesson is super important, because I believe that if you don't have a handle on your mindset before you start searching for clients and trying to build your roster, you will not see the success you'd like. We'll discuss some of those bad habits that keep you from seeing growth and give you steps to take to clear out any negativity that's blocking your path.


Getting Real About Goals

Here you'll get some real talk about why it's so important to set goals as a freelancer and how to simplify the process in order to create a clearer vision of where you want to go.


Organizing Your Days

This lesson is perfect for when you just feel like you're floundering around and don't have any direction. We'll discuss how to better organize your days and I'll give you some productivity tips to keep you on track.



This one word often leads to sweaty palms and stressful thoughts - but it doesn't have to. We're going to get you to a place where you can master small talk and confidently attend meetings or gathering without feeling like you want to throw up. We'll dig into some of the common fears about networking and start to remove them.


Getting Clients

Now it's kinda' important to have some clients, am I right? So, we'll talk about where they are and how to get them so that you can share talents with them and make them happy. We'll also talk about how to keep the clients you have coming back for more!


Money Mindset

Just like the O'Jays sang - it's all about that Money, Money, Money, Money, MONEY! Rates are important and I know you don't want to work for free, but before prices are quoted it's super important to get a handle on how you feel about money. Do you have a healthy mindset when it comes to dollars and cents? Because you absolutely need to have one. We'll dig into some beliefs or concerns that could be holding you back from that growing bank account.


Setting Rates & Getting Paid

As I mentioned, I know that we do the work we do because we love it, but it's pretty important to be able to pay your bills and eat, right? Of course! So, we'll talk about setting rates, I'll offer some invoicing tips, and I'll give you some suggestions on what to include in a contract to your client.


► Are new to freelancing and you need direction to help you get started

► Tried freelancing before but it didn't work out (this will help rejuvenate you, so that you can get back to making it happen!)

► Are a creative that's sick of stressing about what you should be doing and how you should be doing it

► Are tired of that cubicle life and long to leave it behind.
(armed with your gifts and this course, you'll be ready to handle the new journey successfully)

► Want to earn more money as a freelancer! (once you have a handle on what needs to be done, you can implement knowledge and grow your client roster)


Your Instructor

Havilland Maxwell
Havilland Maxwell

Hi I'm Havilland, and I like to think of myself as a Creative Encourager to freelancers. I'm your instructor for Freelance Without Fear. I believe that you don’t have to dread Monday mornings, and that if you want to ditch the cubicle life, create a steady flow of side income, or simply grow your client roster - you can absolutely make that happen!

For over a decade I've had the pleasure of working in front of the camera and behind it as an actor and voice talent. I've voiced spots for companies including: Apple, Roche, MasterCard, Lowe's, TJ Maxx, Capital One and more. I've also had gigs where I operated cameras, edited video and work in production. This course was put together from a lot of the lessons I've learned along the way while freelancing. It's been designed to give you the information you need to start enjoying a more successful freelancing journey. So if you're not sure where to begin as a new freelancer, or if you need a little refresher, this course is for you!

Be encouraged!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

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